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Veena Sood

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Ifoto igaragaza Veena Sood.

Veena Sood (yavutse 21 Ugushyingo), ni umuturage wa Kenya ariko uba Canada,akina filime afite Indian Punjabi mubisekuru bye. [1] [2] Veena azwi cyane mubikorwa byikinamico no gusetsa mu mwuga umaze imyaka irenga 3. [3]

Ubuzima bwambere nuburere

[hindura | hindura inkomoko]

Yavutse ku ya 21 Ugushyingo i Nairobi, muri Kenya. Se yari umuganga na nyina, umuforomo. [4] Igihe yari afite imyaka 7, bimukiye muri Kanada. Afite imyaka 16, yarangije amashuri yisumbuye nyuma afite imyaka 20, arangiza kaminuza afite impamyabumenyi ihanitse y’ubuhanzi.

Ubuzima bwite

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Murumuna we Manoj Sood nawe ni umukinnyi, mugihe murumuna we mubyara we Ashwin Sood (mbere yashakanye numuririmbyi uzwi cyane Sarah McLachlan ) numucuranzi. [5] Umwishywa we Kama Sood ni umukinnyi wa firime ufite icyicaro i Vancouver, BC. [6]

Yashakanye na J. Johnson ku ya 30 Kanama 2008.

Nyuma yo guhabwa impamyabumenyi ihanitse y’ubuhanzi mu bijyanye n’ikinamico rya Drama, Veena yafashije mu gushinga 'Loose Moose Theatre Company' ya Calgary hamwe na shebuja Improv Keith Johnstone, nyuma aza gukorana na Vancouver TheatreSports League. [4] Mu 1991, yatsindiye igihembo cya Jessie kubera ibikorwa by'indashyikirwa kubera uruhare rwe muri Green Thumb Theatre ikina 2 B Wut UR . Mu mwaka wa 2006, yahawe igihembo cya Leo kubera Abashyitsi bitwaye neza n’Umugore muri Dramatic Series [7] yatsindiye kubera 'Preety' mu gice cya Godiva cyitwa Flipping Switches . [6]

Yagaragaye muri firime nyinshi; Imagine Entertainment's Wedding Season, Welcome to Marwen (Robert Zemeckis), Corner Office, The X-Files, BattleStar Galactica, Caprica, Stargate, Away, Peacemaker, Lucifer, A Million Little Things, na firime nyinshi za tereviziyo[8]. Afite impano mubikorwa bye byo gusetsa, Mu mwaka wa 2006, yakinnye muri filime Nina's Heavenly Delights aho avugana n’imvugo ya Scottish / Ubuhinde[9]. Hagati aho, yagaragaye kuri tereviziyo y'Abanyamerika, cyane cyane kuri filimi 3 zikurikirana za siyanse yo muri Amerika y'Amajyaruguru: X-Files mu 1993, Stargate SG-1 mu 1997 na Smallville mu 2001. Uruhare rwe muri filime Touch of Pink, yakiriwe neza muri Festival ya Sundance[10].[11]

Akenshi avugwa nkumukinnyi wikinamico wamamaye wakinnye muri firime zizwi nka The Accused, Loyalties, The Women of Marwen. . Yitwaye neza kandi muri serivise za tereviziyo: : Ghost Wars, The Indian Detective, Corner Gas Animated ndetse no murubuga rwa Yoga Town . [4][12]

Yakiriye icyubahiro cyinshi muri Alliance ya Sinema yo muri Kanada, Televiziyo na Radiyo harimo igihembo cya Lorena Gale Woman Of Distinction Award mu Gushyingo 2017 ndetse n’igihembo cya Sam Payne kubera uruhare mu bantu no kuba inyangamugayo mu 2014. Muri 2019 yahawe igihembo n'ikigega gishinzwe ubuhanzi ku nkombe y'Amajyaruguru (FANS) igihembo cy'umuhanzi w'icyubahiro kubera kumenyekana ku rwego mpuzamahanga mu ikinamico. [3][13]

Amafirime afatanyije nabandi[14][15][16]

[hindura | hindura inkomoko]
Year Film Roles
1983 Do Kinare
1986 Loyalties Sima
1988 The Accused Woman Orderly
1989 Immediate Family Admitting Nurse
1994 Intersection Intern
1994 The NeverEnding Story III Sales Lady
1994 Timecop Nurse
1994 The Surgeon Doctor in Dialysis
1998 Wrongfully Accused Nurse
1999 Better Than Chocolate Religious Zealot
2002 Life or Something Like It Doctor
2003 Final Destination 2 ER Nurse
2004 Touch of Pink Dolly
2004 Connie and Carla Mrs. Morse
2005 Two for the Money G.A. Hostess
2006 The Butterfly Effect 2 Nurse
2006 Nina's Heavenly Delights Suman Shah
2009 Helen Defense Attorney
2009 Possession Dr. Katz
2009 Endgame Barbara Stillwell
2011 50/50 Nurse Stewart
2014 Grace: The Possession Doctor
2015 Numb Dr. Reese
2017 Downsizing Leisureland Housewife
2018 The Package Mrs. Abelar
2018 Welcome to Marwen Judge Martha J. Harter
2021 Corner Office Psychiatrist
TBD Wedding Season Suneeta
TBD Statutory Violence 2 Mommy Durango

Filime zo murugo

[hindura | hindura inkomoko]
Year Film Roles
1987 Barbie and the Rockers: Out of This World
1990 Memories of Murder Dr. Kahn
1992 Sexual Advances Rosalie
1992 Still Not Quite Human Autograph Woman
1993 Relentless: Mind of a Killer New York Reporter
1993 Other Women's Children Mrs. Jindal
1994 Heart of a Child Nurse Adjani
1994 Seasons of the Heart
1996 Have You Seen My Son Sally
1996 Justice on Wheels: The Diana Kilmury Story Office Worker
1997 Their Second Chance Talk Show Host
1997 Medusa's Child Siri Markham
2000 Ratz Donna Kornbalm
2001 Love and Treason Dr. Siddig
2001 Class Warfare Maria
2001 The Heart Department Anesthesiologist
2002 Jinnah - On Crime: Pizza 911 Poonam
2002 Living with the Dead Mrs. Morse, School Teacher
2002 Damaged Care Maternity Nurse
2002 Mr. St. Nick Mrs. Sarathi
2003 Jinnah: On Crime - White Knight, Black Widow Poonum
2003 A Tale of Two Wives Mrs. Rich
2003 D.C. Sniper: 23 Days of Fear Sylvia Mack
2004 Chasing Freedom Adeena
2005 Murder Unveiled Magistrate
2006 The Time Tunnel Medical Tech
2007 Secrets of an Undercover Wife Bracken
2007 Nightmare Admitting Nurse
2008 Barbie & the Diamond Castle Sparkles / Lily (voice)
2009 Compulsion Shriya, Anjika's mother
2009 The B Team Janet Brown
2012 Finding Mrs. Claus Principal
2014 A Fairly Odd Summer Anti-Fairy Councilman (voice)
2014 Honor Student Dr. Morani
2014 Buried Secrets Det. Joan Mueller
2015 A Gift of Miracles Dr. Reed
2015 If There Be Thorns Dr. Phillips
2015 Sugar Babies Professor Paula Hickman
2015 Just in Time for Christmas Josie
2018 Love at First Dance Sophia
2018 Reunited at Christmas Victoria
2018 Christmas Lost and Found Devi
2019 My Little Pony: Rainbow Roadtrip Mrs. Hoofington (voice)
2020 Sleeping with Danger Detective Brooks
2021 V.C. Andrews' Ruby Dr. Cheryl
Year Title Roles Episodes
1986 The Little Vampire
1989 Booker Donna
1989 21 Jump Street Nurse

Mrs. Brown Dr. Frick

"Loc'd Out: Part 1"

"Out of Control" "Unfinished Business"

1992 Northwood "Episode #2.9"

"Night Moves"

1992–1995 The Commish Delivery Room Nurse

Lab Technician Lab Technician

"A Time to Be Born"

"Father Image: Part 1" "Father Image: Part 2"

1994 Madison Ms. Bowen "Learning Curves"
1995 University Hospital Dr. Sherwood "You Can Run"
1995 The Outer Limits Dr. Katzman "The New Breed"
1995 Highlander Shandra Devane "The Wrath of Kali"

"Leader of the Pack"

1997 Two Jennie "The Reckoning"
1997 Super Dave's All Stars Dancing Lady
1998 The Wonderful World of Disney Reviewer "Principal Takes a Holiday"
1998 Mercy Point Sharon Tennant "New Arrivals"
1998 Welcome to Paradox Faith "Options"
1999 Cold Feet Saleswoman "Pilot"
1999–2000 Hope Island Callie Pender Series regular; 22 episodes
2001 Dark Angel Female Doctor "...And Jesus Brought a Casserole"
2001 Mysterious Ways Nurse "Episode 29"
2000–2001 You, Me and the Kids Mrs. Singh "Mixed Dating"

"Suicide" "Suicide Prevention"

1999–2002 Cold Squad Mrs. Hadawi


"First Deadly Sin"


2002 Breaking News Claire Lippman "Hi, Noonan"
2003 Just Cause Attorney Veena Tuttle "Dream House"
2004 The L Word Reporter "Locked Up"
2004 Touching Evil OSC Agent Sattrah "Memorial"


2005 The Eleventh Hour Mrs. Nair "A Virgin Walks Into a Bar"
2000–2005 Da Vinci's Inquest Madam Justice Mishra

Councilor Joyce Simkins Interim Mayor Joyce Simkins

"Bring Back the Dead"

"Ride a Crippled Horse" "Must Be a Night for Fires"

2005 Smallville Schoolteacher "Spirit"


2005 Killer Instinct Elizabeth Michaels "Die Like an Egyptian"
2003–2006 Stargate SG-1 Dr. Kelly "Full Circle"


2006 Godiva's Preety Supportive role; 6 episodes
2006 Whistler Patricia "Fallen"

"Out of the Shadows"

2007 Falcon Beach Mrs. Haddad "After the Fall"

"The Spins"

2007 Masters of Science Fiction Dr. Kashani "The Awakening"
2008 Kyle XY C.I.R. Tech "To C.I.R., with Love"
2008 Robson Arms Charlotte "No Sex in the City"

"Baby? What Baby?"

2008–2009 Battlestar Galactica Quorum Delegate "Sine Qua Non"

"A Disquiet Follows My Soul" "The Oath"

"Blood on the Scales"

2009 Caprica Secretary of Defense Joan Leyte "Pilot"
2009 The Assistants Mrs. Nidalu "The Morning After"
2009 Fringe HR Head "Earthling"
2009 V V Physician "It's Only the Beginning"
2010 Life Unexpected Ms. Jennings "Honeymoon Interrupted"

"Homecoming Crashed"

2010 Always a Bridesmaid Blaga "Knocked Up"

"My Gay Husband" "So Hippie Together" "Two to Tango"

2011 Little Mosque on the Prairie Mrs. Rashid "Five Year Plan"

"Lord of the Ring" "Amaar's Well That Ends Well"

2011 Endgame Barbara Stillwell Series regular; 13 episodes
2011 The Big Year Nurse Katie
2011 Om Inc. Suzanne "Meet the Staff"

"Inappropriate Touching"

2012 Saving Hope Deepha "Consenting Adults"
2012 Dr. Bob's House Jean Patel
2012 Emily Owens, M.D. Mrs. Garang "Emily and... the Predator"
2012 Yoga Town Neela Series regular; 11 episodes
2013 Baby Sellers Noureen
2014 Bates Motel Dr. Elizabeth J. Schaefer "Shadow of a Doubt"
2014 My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Ms. Harshwhinny "Games Ponies Play"

"Flight to the Finish" "Equestria Games"

2014 Signed, Sealed, Delivered Mrs. Hinkle "The Future Me"
2014 Lucky 7 Nasrin Lashari "Cable Guy"

"Gold Star, Inc."

2015 iZombie Marcy's Mother "The Exterminator"
2015 Mistresses Phyllis "Gone Girl"

"I'll Be Watching You"

2015 The Whispers Margaret Cohen-Rogers "Homesick"
2009–2016 Supernatural Dr. Aldrich

Principal Ramirez

"The Curious Case of Dean Winchester"

"Don't You Forget About Me"

1993–2016 The X-Files Ms. Saunders

Dr. Louise Colquitt


"Home Again"

2016 Motive Principal Shirley Davidson "The Dead Hand"
2016 Chesapeake Shores Judge Ruth Rogers "We're Gaining a Daughter"
2016 No Tomorrow Amita "No Debts Remain Unpaid"
2016 Lucifer Eleanor Bloom "Homewrecker"
2017 Frequency Therapist "The Edison Effect"
2017 You Me Her Fertility Counselor "Weird Janis and the White Trash Baby Vessel"
2017 Android Employed Mrs. Cornell "Community"
2017–2018 Ghost Wars Nadine Mercer "The Curse of Copperhead Road"

"Whistle Past the Graveyard" "Two Graves" "...My Soul to Keep"

2018 Life Sentence Alex Shugren "The Way We Work"
2018 Take Two Judge Payne "Smoking Gun"
2018 Salvation Dr. Kandhari "Crimes and Punishment"

"Abre Sus Ojos" "The Manchurian Candidate" "Prisoners"

2018 16 Hudson Shamila "Toothbrush #3"

"You Snooze You Lose" "Earth To Amala" "Pet Test'

2019 Riverdale Headmistress Patricia "Chapter Forty-Seven: Bizarrodale"
2019 The Murders Prisha Sharma "Queen of Hearts'
2019 Charmed Amita Chandra "Past Is Present"
2020 Nancy Drew Dr. Sandoe

Emma Sandoe

"The Girl in the Locket"

"The Clue in the Captain's Painting"

2020 The Twilight Zone Jill "The Who of You"
2020 Away IRSO Head Meera Patel "Negative Return"

"Excellent Chariots" "Vital Signs" "Spektr" "Home"

2020 A Million Little Things Nurse Shayna "Hit & Run"
2018–2020 Corner Gas Animated Rheena Supportive role; 14 episodes
2020 Loudermilk Female Judge "Hit Me Baby One More Time"
2021 Home Before Dark Dr. Singh "Fighting His Ghost"
TBD Children Ruin Everything Nisha Supportive role; 5 episodes

Filime ngufi

[hindura | hindura inkomoko]
Year Film Roles
2002 Jane Post Meditation Voice
2016 A Bicycle Lesson
2016 Meet Cute Mona
2017 Reel Women Seen Nurse
2018 The Ride Home Carla
2018 Little Oliver Dr. Mehta
TBD Carried Away Aliza
TBD Send the Rain Dawn

Imikino yo kuri videwo

[hindura | hindura inkomoko]
Year Film Roles
2015 Invisible, Inc. Olivia Gladstone (voice)
2017 Thimbleweed Park Natalie (voice)

Mini TV serial

[hindura | hindura inkomoko]
Year Film Roles
1999 Aftershock: Earthquake in New York City Official
2003 First to Die Dr. Veena Yandro
2004 Human Cargo Sangita Desai
2017 The Indian Detective Malika
2018 Darrow & Darrow D.A. Ruth Ashland
2020 The Stand Dr. Biswas
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