Safe water

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Safe water[eindura | hindura inkomoko]

Water is connected to every forms of life

On the earth. As a creteria, an adequate, clean

And safe drinking water supply has to be available

For various users.[1]

Important of cleaning water[eindura | hindura inkomoko]

Clean water and sanitation are one of most important

things required of the health of humans. Our day to day activities require numerous espacts in which clean water in required for sustainable living.[2]

Making water safe[eindura | hindura inkomoko]

Boiling:[eindura | hindura inkomoko]

If water is cloudy, allow to sattle, them skim the clean water.[eindura | hindura inkomoko]

Store the boiled water in clean sanitized container

With tight covers.


Filter water through a clean cloth,

Paper towel, or coffee filter or allow

its to settle, then draw off the clean water.[3]