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This template provides a WCAG/ISO-standards-compliant accessible alternative to <br /> separated lists, per WP:UBLIST and WP:PLIST

Usage[edit source]

{{plainlist}} starts a plain (i.e. unbulleted) list, such as:

It uses proper HTML list markup, which is more standards-compliant and more accessible than separating list items with Inyandikorugero:Tag. Detailed reasons for using this template can be found at WP:UBLIST.

This template can be used with or without {{endplainlist}}. It is an alternative to {{unbulleted list}}, which performs the same function in a more concise but less wiki-style manner. Note that {{unbulleted list}} will work inside image captions, whereas {{plainlist}} does not.

Examples[edit source]


Alternative syntax[edit source]


Parameters[edit source]

Inyandikorugero:Format TemplateData

Controlling line-breaking[edit source]

Template Script error: No such module "Template link general". may be used with Script error: No such module "Template link general". and Script error: No such module "Template link general". to control line-breaking in bulletless lists, to prevent wrapped long entries from being confused with multiple entries. See Template:Wbr/doc#Controlling line-breaking in infoboxes for details.

Technical details[edit source]

{{Plainlist}} works by constructing a div with the CSS class "plainlist" which has the following style (see MediaWiki:Common.css):

.plainlist ul {
    line-height: inherit;
    list-style: none none;
    margin: 0;
.plainlist ul li {
    margin-bottom: 0;
Wikitext Expanded template HTML
* Example 1
* Example 2
* Example 3
<div class="plainlist">
<li>Example 1</li>
<li>Example 2</li>
<li>Example 3</li>

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Documentation icon Template documentation[view] [edit] [history] [[[:Inyandikorugero:Purge]]]